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Default Re: Apple juice tank

Good question WayneC...I can see how wondering about that would leave someone scratching their head

I punctured the one end of the can with a large nail where the work hole (pictured in the 4th photo in my first post) was cut out. A second breather hole was punctured roughly where the fill cap was to be located so the juice would drain at a reasonable pace.

Silverbear...thank you for posting pics of your handy work with the leather and as well the info on how you have sewn it together. Your post will likely be something I will reference more than once when I attempt to cover mine


So I've made a little more progress...I know, I work slow...last night in that I added a strut that attaches to the seat post clamp and I sealed up the work hole at the one end. I added the strut just to help stabilize it as I was afraid if it took a good bump it would cause a nasty dent in the area of the lower mounts. I was not afraid the thing would get ripped off or fall off as I can tell you on my test can I pretty much ruined the thing trying to bust up my solder job on the prototype mounts! Anyway as for covering up the work hole all went well it appears as I've pressure tested it to about 20 psi and there's not a bubble in sight...yea!! I wanted to get a coat of paint on it today but I spent most of the day doing car repairs since it was the first decent day we have had here in a while and the car needed a couple front end parts installed before winter hits. Maybe tonight I'll take a moment and get a coat of paint on it so I can start with the covering job tomorrow night.


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