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Excellent info guys, I will receive my kit this coming week I will probably install the 44T to begin with just so that I can experience the exhilaration of the break neck speed. I will probably go to the 50T and put a stop on my throttle to limit the speed to 20 MPH max to keep from having to register the bike as a moped or motorcycle. This way I will still have enough power at low speeds without harming the engine, and enough throttle to give some acceleration when needed. 15 MPH is plenty fast enough for me on a bicycle, most motorists in cars and trucks will not expect you to be traveling that fast to begin with and may fail to yield to you (this happens quite often without the motor-assist). If a police officer sees me flying along at 25+ MPH it will definitely draw his attention and considering this machine is not really street legal here, I don't want to draw attention.
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