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Default Re: Finally get to post success with first build!!!

Thank you all and yes it feels great to get a job, especially of this undertaking, completed. It looked simple enough in all the pics but once I started it def took some work for oversized frames!
It's all one bike. i put it together the first time the way it was supposed to just to see it run then I read a whole bunch on here and started fixing things I felt necassary especially the chain tensioner due to the horror stories on the forum and the lack of money i wanted to spend on this project... Plus my dad said this couldn't be done... so i hade to prove him wrong. lol
As it was said the reason i didn't drill the chainstay is b/c it is aluminum and i didn't want to weaken it even more after drilling the other hole to mount the engine. (I took the bolt out and went to the muffler clamp idea... thats why you cant see the hole...)
And FYI if you do drill a hole in your bike make sure you measure 2 and drill once so your bottom hole is aligned with your top hole... DOH!!! lol I though the drill was straight but the alignment of the motor proved me wrong! oh well live and learn and then ride!
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