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Default Re: chain maintenance

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
hmm, well if it's uncommon then mebbe it was just flawed. If ya can get helical gears made that'd be sweet, the ones in mine are loud but don't show any signs of wear after 700mi o_O I do give 'em a touch of the ol' marine grease frm time to time lol

I still wonder at it's catastrophic failure... tho I suppose when one tooth went it started a chain reaction what with bits o'tooth and added stresses *shrug*

Don't mind me, I just like "forensics"

Lay off the hippy-crack you... hippy o.o
Know what you mean, the "forensics" part is about the only fun of mechanical failures.

LOL@hippie crack (Do I knock your hobbies!?)

Originally Posted by Norco John View Post
I got a can of Moly chain lube from Rural King. Apply it about every 150 miles.
It's messy, and I have a hella time keeping it off the rim and tyre, but it seems to do a very good job.
Since I've ridden over a quarter-million miles on 2 wheels and only 50,000 of those on a BMW, I've tried just about everything on chains.
Not the bacon grease, though.
John, I swear by it. All's it really is, is home made lithium grease. Used since the ancient Romans spread good will to win the hearts and minds of the people of the world.

First time I tried it, I was throwing a paper towel with bacon grease on it away in the garage and an old bike I had just picked up was by the can so I dabed it on the chain. I rotated the cranks and forgot about it. The next day the chain looked beautiful. Really did. Rust were begone. I don't suggest this to folks though as there is salt in any bacon you can buy and I dunno about long term effect. But if you have an old rusted chain laying around, try it. Would love to see if it is just me or if others find it works as well.

I have a bunch of junkers with rusted chains. I should do a thread. Just worried if it is long term bad, then I perpetuated it. But would think the salt would be all gone. Maybe straining it threw a coffee filter while still hot?
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