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Default Re: I'm Freewheelin' Now!

Originally Posted by ride65 View Post
Looks like the bike came out real nice. Where did you get the 410 sprocket for the cvt and was it a stock fit?

Thanks Ride,
I got the 12T drive sprocket from Fancy Scooters Fancy Scooter: Gas Scooters and Electric Scooters Retail and Wholesale (Don't let the 12mm fool you, it's 1/2" pitch)
A little pricey but I had trouble finding anyone that had what I needed. It's a direct fit which didn't require any modifications. I tried a DAX 10T but it needed slight filing to fit the 6 spline shaft AND it didn't last but a couple of weeks and just got chewed to crap. However I did like the extra oomph the 10T provided over the 12T. Two little teeth can make a big difference.
All that having been said, you can stay with the 8mm as there are more choices for drive and driven sprockets. You would just have to re-drill the mounting holes for the driven sprocket to fit the freewheel.
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