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Default Basic, reliable, motorized bicycle

It is possible to build a motorbike, (using the In-frame 2-cycle Chinese engine kit), without the installation hassles and the almost certain disappointment that comes from failed parts, fasteners, etc.

I have made engine mounts for several local customers over the past 5 months in order to test the longevity of the design. They are proven to be hassle free, and will now be offered for sale on our website.

The Intake manifold, the soft copper gasket, the clutch actuator, and of course the sprocket adapter with sprocket…have proven to be excellent upgrades.

I had planned on making a complete kit for one or more specific bike brands and models. The components I offer have matured in design and manufacturing process to the point that a complete kit can be purchased for many different bikes. As with the sprocket adapters & sprockets, you will be given a simple roll-out with seat tube sizes, forward tube sizes, and an approximate distance between the tubes at a point that will be shown in a graphic. It will not be necessary to take accurate measurements to order an engine mount.

I built the bike shown in the photos, yesterday, from inventory and it performs great! Hop on…go for a ride…no problems. This is the way it was meant to be! My local customers have done nothing but ride their bikes. They have not had to work on them after every ride. No broken bolts, no broken spokes, no problems at all! Just ride, again and again! One of my customers has logged 2,500+ miles and I haven’t had to touch it…neither has he. He just rides it.

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