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Default Re: Service from ThatsDax

Well unfortunately the piston I got the hole for the wrist pin is too big for my wrist pin and upper needle bearing. Which means it's either for a old motor with a bushing or I have to get one from Zoom. Now it's to late to contact them and tomarrow is Sunday. I am way to addicted to this. Been without a motor for almost a week and I am jonesing so bad for my bike. This is just dumb.

PS Just got a return email from Dax this is the only piston they carry so I guess I do have to order one from zoom. Rats, dang, shoot, fooey, blah blah blah.

PPS So I just ordered a new piston from Zoom w/shipping $21.45. (that included a $2 discount coupon) That means I am now a little over $72 into a new top end. I could have bought a complete motor w/shipping from Dax for $104 Somebody -please kick me...
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