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Default Re: Stainless, Problems?

Originally Posted by Hazmatt View Post
I have decided for now to use the Extinguisher tank. I still don't have enough stainless to do what I want.
The Ext. tank is working out great. I added a filler pipe and a copper air tube.
I still have to install the fuel line.
Since I do not have an engine yet, I don't know what size fitting to use. Is it a 1/4" line? or is it some metric tubing size?
I will post some photos soon (After I clean up my ugly brazing job).
I had the same idea about using an extinguisher tank... an old brass one. I have a bid on one at the moment. I want to use is as a behind the seat tank. What did you use for a filler pipe and cap? How did you join it to the fire X? I'll bed very interested to see your pictures.
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