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Default Re: chain maintenance

Thanks to Wes and Dan and others. However, I don't have the rag joint as I have Jim's (Creative Engineering) sprocket and adapter on my Huffy bike. The chain is off the bike now and I have just given the rear wheel many fast spins and there is no up and down nor side to side movement of the sprocket that I can discern, even with this being a K-Mart bike with not a true rear wheel. I have done this befoe when I installed the sprocket and adapter and checked again just now to make sure. It is as true and it is going to ever be. I suspect the front sprocket so Jim, If you are listening, what do you think?

I bought a new #41 chain today at Tractor Supply Co. in Monroe, NC, at a cost of $16.49 plus a whopping 8.5% sales tax. I hope this chain is much improved over the kit chain. I could not find the tensioner and spring mentioned by a forum member. I had the part numbers but no one in TSC knew what they were or where they were. That was the second visist to that TSC store. I stopped at Northern Hydraulics on the way home as I took a different route to do that. The same type chain (different name, both Chinese) was $12.99. Folks were on the floor and were helpful and friendly, unlike TSC. At Northern I found a chain breaker (Chinese of course) to repair 25 - 60 drive chain for $9.99; part # is 141232.

I am apprehensive about the kit supplied tensioner but will try it just to see if I can get going again. A few passes up and down the street is really dangling the carrot to this old guy!

Thanks to all,
D. J.
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