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Default Finally get to post success with first build!!!

Well after having to post questions, and browse old threads for hours looking for the best way to make a chain tensioner, mount to a big frame, and other misc things I finally got it workin... for now. Before it was too unreliable for me to trust it for a mile or less, but now that i got it fairly well replaced with custom made parts, it feels pretty sturdy. Here's my ideas for big motor mounts and chain tensioner if anybody is looking for a tip.

P.S. I couldn't find the spring tensioner at tractor supply that everyone is talking about... but instead I got a piece of 3/15" flat stock with holes already drilled into it. and extended the stock tensioner to hang from the top chainstay and it's long enough with out cutting it so that if it does get kicked in, it will hit the tire before it rips the spokes out.

Overall pic. It's a Pacific Elite 3.5 Aluminum frame with front suspension.

Pain in the butt to build! everything was too big and needed fabricated. Luckily i hate a long strip of 2" aluminum flat stock... And muffler clamps

The muffler clamp that i screwed into the water bottle holder screw..

Any suggestions or questions are welcome. Especially from the more seasoned MBer's. This is my first China build that i hope lasts a while for the work I had to do...

Also there is a lot of excess oil coming out. I only have 30miles on it so I'm still breakin it in so thats a good thing but it seams like a lot. Im at a 16:1 ratio like the "instructions" said for break in... Im not using synthetic tho... Does that matter. I haven't really found any here.

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