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Default Re: Engine max went from 34mph to 25mph? wth?

Is the motor getting hotter than normal? I just had one of the pins in the piston ring groove that keep the rings from rotating come loose. It gouged a big groove in the side of my cylinder. I kept loosing power, the motor got slower and slower. Also harder to start. You can pull the head off and inspect the inside of the cylinder for this. I hope that's not it. I have almost $50 in parts on order to fix mine. To check for leaks turn up the idle then spray some wd-40 at the carb mount, intake mount, around the cylinder base. Listen for the motor to slow if you hit a leak. It will seal the leak for a few moments causing the idle rpm to drop.

BTW; If your having compression loss thru the head bolts you need a new headgasket. You also probably need to use some wet/dry 220 grit sandpaper on a piece of glass and lap the bottom of your head till it's dead flat. The only way you can get anything into the holes for the headbolts is if the top or the bottom cylinder gasket is leaking.
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