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Default Re: I'm Freewheelin' Now!

Venice Boy-- OK pics to come this afternoon. I wanted to get the rack painted 1st but that can wait.
George n Texas-- GHOUL! Actually, the thumb healed really fast--can just barely make out the entry and exit. It was a tiny wee bit! Sorry, I'll try to remember pics on the next injury. Oh, there will be more.
Ride65--I'm running a 12T on the CVT and BMX chain. Used #41 chain in the past but it had too much slop on the sprockets so tried bike chain. Have about 200 trouble free miles so far. Don't use master links though. My 1st trial with bike chain made the end of the driveway and the master link bent and let go. Bike chain seats nice and deep on the sprockets and stays put very well. I figured if 8mm works, then BMX should too.
Just had an amazing 30 mile ride this AM. Visited 3 county parks. Everything went super well. Smooth ride. Not the least hint of any problems anywhere. Very enjoyable and relaxing. And used ~30oz. fuel. That's around 120MPG. I need to start taking my camera with to document some of my travels.
Hmmm. Maybe a fall foilage trip to Atlanta area??? If I leave NOW!
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