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Default Starting FIRST Motorized Schwinn OCC Chopper Stingray Kit

Well after weeks and weeks of research on this site and a few others I stumbled upon a used Skyhawk 2 cycle 48cc kit on CraigsList from a guy who did not have the patience to continue his project. His loss of 160 bucks with shipping (so he stated) my gain for just 70 bucks! I have ordered some custom parts for my sons Schwinn Stingray OCC Chopper project. Reading through these forms I decided this is my first get your feet wet project before I move on to stage three 4cycle kits for my own mountain bike so might as well get some custom pieces to compare them to the China kits… I have ordered from the links provided on this site a front large universal engine mount and a chain breaker tool from SickBikeParts. These guys have GREAT customer service and communication throughout the order process! I have ordered from ThatsDax a HD throttle grip and cable, as well as a 1.5mmx081 engine sprocket and clutch hub pulling tool… These folks as well are very responsive to your order! I ordered from Creative Engineering a copper exhaust gasket kit, a really nice aluminum intake manifold that has an O ring to seal to the carb and a factory style clutch actuator that allows you to disengage the clutch without breaking the clutch lever or your wrist! Jim and his wife are first class people! I ordered one of his rear wheel sprocket kits just to see what EVERYONE has been talking about... The sprocket that comes with these engine kits seem not to be engineered very well to last. Save some time and head ache down the road and get one of Jim’s kits. Also Jim’s wife is a hoot to talk to! I will keep posting my progress and experiences with the vendors that are linked to this site… I would order a BOOST bottle as well they really DO seem to work to take the lag out of the throttle!

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