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Default Re: I thought I was being smart

It’s the law what does it!

The law of conservation of energy. The magneto produces a limited amount of energy - there is only so much that the rotating magnetic field can make. Your additional coil of wire collects much of the available energy in the magnetic field causing electrons to move through the coil's wire, which is electrical energy. The light bulb converts the electrical energy to visible light and heat (two other forms of energy), which are radiated out into space - leaving not enough energy for the ignition coil.

The LED draws way less current (uses less energy) than the incandescent bulb.

If your idea had worked, you’d be well on your way to creating a perpetual motion machine.

All is not lost. Insulate and wrap the ends of the new wires. If the original coil fails, the “backup coil” may get you going again. Tell everyone you designed it that way on purpose.

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