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Default Re: chain maintenance

Ordered a #415 master link from spooky thurs, but tried a few dozen places local. I was asked many times; "You mean 410/420?" lol. Tried one last time and got this really cool guy on the phone. (He said he believed me there was such a thing then asked me for the pitch and pin size. I got so excited that I said I would be right down with the old master link. As I opened his front door there was a Whizzer hanging from the ceiling and a type of MC from about every decade from 1900 on and he was looking up #415. You could not walk in. He had to lean over the counter and pull the handle bars of one so I could get to the counter. After carefully measuring my ML, he went threw three 3 boxes. If the pitch was right, the pin size was not. on and on. Finaly he asked if I just needed the clip. I said Ayup. he opened box #4 measured and slapped one on. Fit perfect. (About wet my self. 3 day week-end and running out of ridding weather)

He asked for a buck. I handed him 5 and said have a beer or some thing. Thinking about it now, I should have left more. He worked dang hard for that one dollar.

Got home, slapped some lithium grease on the chain and rode around town until dark. Gonna clean and lube chain tomorrow. Unless its nice out, snork

Oh, his Whizzer is for sale. 1943 or 53 I think. will ask if any one is interested. Been there for years and in need of some TLC

Originally Posted by wes View Post
It sounds like your rear sproket is not centered around the hub, take the rim off the bike and put it in another bike or something that you can spin the rim in to look at the sproket from a side view, you sproket should not move up and down as the rim spins, if you take a moment and think about this you will relize that if the sproket is moving upand down it is also moving side to side causing the chain to tighten and then loosen. And make sure the master link clip is facing closed end forward while it rotates around the front sproket, Good Luck!!!
Yes! Wes is right Pedal. You really want both the rear sprocket and the clip to be right or can easily get you hurt. You also want to make sure you don't over tighten the rag-joint on your spokes. To remember proper clip direction I think of it as a lil rocket propelling the chain.
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