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Default Re: What is your comfortable Cruising speed ?

All I can say is you people don't live where I do. There's NO safe way to ride on main streets here. A bike can't go the 40-50 MPH or more people do around here and it doesn't make any difference how much lane I take they squeeze by no matter how close they have to get. Try having someone turn right into a business right after passing you at 20+ MPH and having to lock up the brakes and go sideways or someone pull out of a business right as you're passing by, both of which have happened to me. You'll give up that 25-30 MPH real fast or end up in the hospital, if you're lucky. Riding agressive here is a quick trip to the hospital or morgue. It's more like ride slow enough to stop on a dime at any time because I can guarantee you'll have to constantly where I live.
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