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Default Please Help!! Possible Scammer amongst us

Many of you may be familiar with Mike Jones, from the now defunct Tigertoothbikes who took deposits for the single/twin jet engine build kits back in April. Mr. Jones was taking approximately 20 pre-orders at the time and was accepting paypal deposits for these units then decided a month later to not go forward with the project, posted his site for sale here, then abruptly shut down operations. Long story short, some of us were never informed regarding his decisions though he still held on to our deposits. After getting wind of this news here and later forwarding several emails to him, he finally replies. His excuse being that paypal froze his account indefinitely and we should contact paypal and "sorry for the inconvenience". Of course, being that payment was sent months earlier, paypal was useless in retrieving the funds. It is now October, nearly 5 months ago since anyone has last heard of Mr. Jones and the fellow has disappeared.

His last residence seems to be in the Stroud District in the United Kingdom with some assistance I received earlier this week. If any members here know the current whereabouts of Mr. Jones, is in contact with him. or should he still have your deposit please PM or email me at skingrafter (at) gmail as I look to actively pursue him should there be a sinister motive behind this rather than a true dilemma on his part, for instance imprisonment or death. If you are reading this Mr. Jones then do the right thing, as any decent businessman would, and reimburse your customers.

BTW, I am here in California so any UK or Euro friendlies that can lend a hand will be much appreciated. He seems to have been a contributing member with good standing within this community who owned a legitimate business with positive reviews. Hence, why I trusted my money to him in hopes of sharing my experiences with you all here had the jet engines been realized. Thank you all very much in advance for any help.

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