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Default Re: starting a new build US ARMY style

I had an ol' army jeep and I found to match style/size of the stencils it's far easier to print & cut yer own if yer familiar with Photoshop/Paint/any editor.

Oh and BTW - while there might have been a standard, IRL few if any of the motor pools used the exact same stencils (vintage anyway)... I doubt the poor grunts cared lol So use w/e font you think looks right

"If it moves salute it - if it's still paint it" o_O

A few pics to help ya out;
1942 willys army jeep pics - Google Images

An interesting problem is matching the shade of OD to be period-correct lol but the "hunting camo" green found in most hardware stores is pretty close to WWII OD.

Nice project too BTW

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