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Talking Re: Clutch grabs after engine warms up.

It takes 200 ft. lbs. to disengage the clutch. Push the link arm in by hand until it hits hard. Adjust the cable to have tension at that point. Use a split shot weight from the tackle box behind the cable nut to help keep it from slipping. It takes alot of force to disengage the clutch. To see how much force is needed, take the teardrop cover off the drive gear and push in the clutch by hand until you see the clutch plate extend about 1/8". Then you will know how much force and adjustment is needed. Yeah, I thought if I pushed in any harder, it would break, but its all leverage from the clutch cam. You are also right about the heat is possibly transfering to the cable and expanding it to engage the clutch. It would be good to fine tune the cable after its hot. You would lose that slack from heat. I just dont like the idea of constant stretch on the cable when not in use. Good Luck!

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