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Default Re: chain maintenance

I've posted this before, ages ago, and can't find the thread but here's something I learned from a dirt bike rider friend of mine. Remove the chain, you do have a master link, right? Soak it in Scott's Liquid Gold. It's a wood cleaner and preservative but the ingredients are good for many other things, bike chains and squeaky door hinges. The product cleans and lubricates the chain. I do mine about once a month. Works great. Hint: Scott's Liquid Gold comes in either aerosol or pourable containers. Get the pourable and fill a shallow container that is big enough to hold your chain. Shake it around and you'll see the dirt, grease and grime that comes out. Afterwards hang the chain up and let it drip for a while before reinstalling. I wipe the access oil off with a paper towel.
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