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Default Re: Apple juice tank

Sorry I couldn't find the pictures of the seat taken apart and the process of fitting the hide cover. I don't know what happened to those photos. Weird. Anyway, here are some of the gas tank leather cover. I made this one in four pieces, using scraps from moccasin making. It might look better with three pieces instead. That way the horizontal seam could be either at the back or on the bottom. The finished horizontal seam on this one needs to be torn out and re stitched. I did that one first in not enough light last evening. The stitching on the ends is more like it. I use something called 'sinew' which is synthetic, quite strong and can be used full thickness as in making moccasins, or thinner if you halve it, quarter it or eighth it. It is waxed and I have rolled several full thicknesses together to make bow strings... that's how strong it is. I'm using about an eighth thickness since the glovers needles I got in town the other day are on the small side with small eyes. Carpet thread would also work well for this as it is very strong. I work with about a yard at a time and use two needles, one on each end of the yard length of thread. First I use some contact cement to basically glue the first large piece of leather in place on the tank. I leave all of the edges free of glue for a couple inches back so that I can stretch and manipulate the leather pieces to fit together. The leather doesn't overlap, but one piece fits against the other in a kind of butt joint. the stitching draws the two edges together snugly, going from one side to the other... one needle this way and the other that way, then back again, criss crossing. It ends up laying down pretty flat. I came up with this way of joining pieces when I first made leather covers for custom knife handles... again out of elk hide to go with a matching sheath. It makes a very nice look for a hunting, skinning, or filet type of knife. I made a mumber of those for people and they always draw nice comments. The stitching on this tank is a little rough, but it will largely be hidden under the seat and anyway it should look like what it is... handmade with care, but handmade and not machine made, so irregular. Anybody can do this and some can do it better than I can. I hope this is a help and at least a kind of starting point for you. You'll find the way to do this which feels right for you. That's what I do with everything. That way what you do ends up your own... just like what you have done with your apple juice gas can. Very inventive and highly cool. You da man!
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