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Post Hello from Atlanta, Ga.

Howdy y'all!

Andrew from Atlanta here. Wanted to introduce myself. Ive been motorized bicycle riding for a month or so now and have been lurking around here for about two months. I like the atmosphere here a bit more than the other forum...

Anyways, Im a professional bicycle mechanic... I wrench for the guys who wear those tight clothes and ride on really skinny tires. It pays peanuts but I get to travel a lot, meet awesome people and do something I enjoy. When Im not on the road I wrench at a local bike shop. I prefer mountain biking. I do a bit of downhill racing when my schedule allows. Otherwise Ive got a nice little single speed mtb set up for urban and skate park riding.

I also work on cars for fun.. Recently Ive had a thing for turbocharged Saab's from the 80s. Gotta love turbo FWD luxury hatchbacks... Torque steer like a mofo. Im also into Air Cooled VWs... Not really into the new 'dubber' crowd.

So. on to MB's. One day, a kid from a local college brought in a beach cruiser rear wheel that was taco'd. I was curious of the haphazardly mounted sprocket on the non-drive side of the hub. He said it was for the engine that he had mounted on his bike. Well, I demanded to know more info, he gave me a website and a week later brought his bike by for me to check out. I was hooked. Ordered a Skyhawk 48cc kit that evening.

It arrived as stated, all shiny and new looking. July of 09 build date. Stuck it together in an evening, though it was too dark and rainy to test ride. Took it out the next day for some tuning. Broke the stock chain, the exhaust packing fell out... I had a stupid huge grin on my face even after the chain broke.

So Im hooked. I ride the bike 4 miles each way to and from the bike shop when its not rainy. Anyways, Ive rambled waaaay too much, here is some photos...

So yeah. Thanks for having such a cool site!

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