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Default Re: $29 ebay pipe and an hour with the welder

One thing I left out last night was while I was working on the exhaust I noticed the spark plug cap was sitting on the plug kind of crooked, pulled it off and the brass insert came out still stuck to the plug. Set it aside and when I had the exhaust done I tried threading back into the cap but somehow the spring clip disappeared. Went over to my trusty file cabinet o' junk and pulled out an old GM HEI plug wire set, clipped off a wire end with a 90 boot, screwed it into the CDI (8mm wires are a little tight but they'll fit) and presto, new plug wire.
Couldn't find the threaded "nipple" to the original plug (I know I put it someplace so I wouldn't lose it which means I lost it) so the nice thing is you can slide the stud on the plug up between the boot and the clip if you have to temporarily.

So the moral to the story is you don't have to go buy a coil lead if you have an old plug wire or two or a whole set laying around. Check your local service station or garage and see if they have any old plug wires laying around, you may just get one for free.

Oh yea, when I ride to work I have a little less then a mile ride, topped out tonight on a flat 1/4 mile section of my ride at 31 and it's never gone that fast in such a short distance before.
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