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Default Re: What is your comfortable Cruising speed ?

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
depends on traffic, and the road conditions. there's a lot of smooth, wide bike lanes around here, so i'm usually all the way on the gas. it's like i'm trying to kill my motor on purpose, to see what kind of abuse it'll take. i ride 30 to 50 miles almost everyday, and there's times when i'll be on a 10-15 mile stretch at full throttle, around 35 mph. the thing just won't die.

but when i'm forced to ride the gutter on the side of the road, i keep it around 15, i guess.
It's the same situation here in Gainesville.....some roads have great bike lanes where I just blaze as fast as I come up on an intersection and turn bike lane at all just the damn curb.. ( ever hit a curb doing 30? )...also there's lots of country roads around here with bike lanes and some not.....catch-22 aint it ya'll ?

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