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Default Re: Apple juice tank

Originally Posted by Rockenstein View Post

Yes my mounting plan seems to be working out well, a few good bumps in the road will be the final judge though I fingers are crossed

Please post a picture of your seat and tank, I would love to see your elk hide covering work. Maybe I can learn a thing or 2 from you in that regards because I have never sewn a stitch of leather in my life! I think I have the right stuff to do it with as I explained to the nice the lady at the sewing shop what I was wanting to do when I went looking for needles and good thread. I do get great satisfaction from projects like this, when I dragged that old junker home my kids were like when are you going to finish it dad and then looked at me completely dumbfounded when I said "oh maybe by next spring"!! Being teenagers they don't get yet what it's like to be middle aged and have a hobby where most of the enjoyment comes from just have something to do that keeps your hands and brain busy for an evening.

In that respect I'm glad I'm not a teenager
In between stripping my 39 elgin frame (zip strip is doing it's bubbly stuff at the moment), I'll post some photos. Here are some of the seat. I have another earlier in the process which I'll re-size and post later this afternoon. Below are pictures of the bike (with seat) as I found it and brought it home from the dump. This is on what I now know is a 1950 Straight Bar DX Schwinn. The other pictures show it on the bike after paint, fenders and temporary middleweight wheels. (Too broke to order the new heavy duty rims from bikeworldusa). I carefully took the seat apart after shooting a little penetratng oil on 50+ year old nuts, not wanting to break anything. Then I put all the metal parts through a wire wheel affixed to an old washing machine motor. What I could was taken down to bare metal, then primed and painted in black engine enamel. I added to the single layer of burlap which passed as "padding", but not enough for my bony old butt, so two layers of carpet padding were added, held in place with dabs of contact cement. Then I found a suitable piece of black elk hide which I normally use for making moccasins. I like the elk hide because it is supple, yet stronger than deer hide. It is commonly used around here for making Mukluks (lined Indian winter boots). I also use it for making medicine pouches, wallets, my check book holder, my cell phone case (fringed). I don't consider myself any kind of leather master craftsman, but that doesn't stop me from making my own shoes and such, imperfect as they may be. Partly I'm cheap of necessity, but also I just like making stuff, whether out of wood, metal, leather or words. It is all the same energy.
The last photo shows the tank with the leather just kind of draped over it and set in the general area where it is going. I have yet to decide on a rear rack or no rear rack. Anyway it gives an idea of what is going to be. More photos will follow showing the tank in progress being stitched, at about the half way point right now. Time to remove the zip-strip and bubbled up paint. Later...
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