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Default Re: Very stiff clutch / Hard to pull lever...

Originally Posted by NerpAngel View Post
Thank you Not sure what lubing up the cable will do... but I'll give it a try!!

Is it normal for my clutch lever to hit my handle bar? In order for me to lock it in idle speed, (right now since i'm testing the engine and whatnot) I have the clutch like half way off my handle bar so I can fully squeeze the lever down so it can lock. And yes, I have the cable attached to the clutch arm securely with a 1/8" play room.
Yes, lubrication in the cable housing will help. It reduces the friction and anything you can do to make the clutch actuation easier will make for a more enjoyable ride.
There is a modification that can be done to the clutch actuating mechanism inside the sprocket cover but that's best left for later after you're more familiar with your engine. Another option, although they seem to be out of stock at the moment is this> CLUTCH ACTUATOR

As for the lever hitting the bars; You said you had about 1/8th inch free play in the clutch arm. You can reduce that to where there is little to no slack but not so much as it is actually pulling on the clutch. I like to keep the cable tight, but not bow string tight, just so there is no slack when the clutch lever (handlebar) is released. This will decrease the amount of lever movement necessary to disengage the clutch and get the lever off the bar.
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