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Default Re: Apple juice tank


Yes my mounting plan seems to be working out well, a few good bumps in the road will be the final judge though I fingers are crossed

Please post a picture of your seat and tank, I would love to see your elk hide covering work. Maybe I can learn a thing or 2 from you in that regards because I have never sewn a stitch of leather in my life! I think I have the right stuff to do it with as I explained to the nice the lady at the sewing shop what I was wanting to do when I went looking for needles and good thread. I do get great satisfaction from projects like this, when I dragged that old junker home my kids were like when are you going to finish it dad and then looked at me completely dumbfounded when I said "oh maybe by next spring"!! Being teenagers they don't get yet what it's like to be middle aged and have a hobby where most of the enjoyment comes from just have something to do that keeps your hands and brain busy for an evening.

In that respect I'm glad I'm not a teenager
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