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Default Re: Apple juice tank

Originally Posted by Rockenstein View Post
Made a little more progress yesterday evening...

After trying a few different mounting ideas on a tester can I finally settled on an idea that made sense, was easy to work with, provided enough strength and would work well with the leather covering to be applied in final step. I think the end result should be pretty clean no visible attachment to the bike frame from most viewing angles. As the photos show I used silver bearing solder on the tank mount parts I formed up out of 24 gauge sheet and on the frame itself I silver brazed on a couple of 18 gauge ears to run the mounting bolts through. I need to tidy up the mounting ears a little more plus clean off the brazing flux and as well I need to get some proper length bolts but all in all I think this setup should hold it well as it is quite rigid.

Excellent! That looks really secure. I think you're coming up with a great alternative for an affordable, behind the seat tank that looks great, too. It is the kind of project that can help winter go by a little quicker... tinkering in January when the snow lies in drifts outside and thinking about how cool the little tank will look on a bike. I get a lot of satisfaction from this sort of thing and I can see that you are made the same way.
I've located a small brass fire extinguisher to experiment with, will hope to have it in a couple of weeks. It is roughly the size of your Apple can tank. I hope it will work. More immediately I'm working on an aluminum tank of the same kind of dimensions which I got from my small engine guy for free. It was dented and I've done "body work" on it with jb weld, sanding it out, adding a little more, sanding it out... giving it more time and effort than it really deserves considering how it looks after primer and paint. Not so good. It is hard to get a really smooth, invisible repair under shiny paint. So I decided to cover it in the same black elk hide I used for the seat it will sit behind and which I have on hand for making moccasins and mukluks. I cut everything out yesterday after making cardboard pattern pieces and am in the middle of stitching it up with black sinew today. It's going to look nice, much better than it would have without the leather. Working on this little tank project and redoing the seat last week has me thinking in a kind of leather frame of mind and I would like to experiment next with leather handlebar grips. I hate the smell of those stock ones and would like to immediately remove the offending rubber right a way. I was thinking to use those aftermarket foam grips unless there is some sort of gel grip out there flexible enough to fit over the throttle control tube, then stitch up the leather covering, same for the left hand grip. I'd like something that looks good, but also feels really nice and cuts down on vibration. I'll come up with something.
This is fun, isn't it!
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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