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Default Re: help me please!!:(

managed to get the gear box apart (required some good old force) figgured out what was goin on with the gearbox aswell, (****y workmanship) the case around the cintrifical clutch had a cog welded to it which under 3 hours of use broke there for loseing all power, so today i just welded it back up,
(properly) hopefuly it will hold up for longer than a few rides. but what really has me woried is how much wear was on that cog that is welded to the clutch housing, after 3 hours the teeth on it look worn and really brittle, its like they made it out of the crapest steel u could find, any way was wondering if any one knew of any better gearboxes out there that will fit on to my motor and still have the chain in line ect..
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