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Default Re: How often do you retorq bolts and which ones

You've had probs w/nylocs? o_O

It's true that technically there "one use only" as repeated use will wear the locking band - I've never had a problem with nylocs in ANY of my various projects over the years, including my ultralight which of course was not only high vibration, but a very important application and one that there is absolutely NO room for error.

Of course they're not appropriate for high heat areas like exhaust manifolds and it's true I find them mildly annoying when I build something* - but I've NEVER seen one fail to do it's intended job of staying put. I suppose that the low-grade el'cheapo ones that come with these kits could fail... but I would assume you'd see the lil plastic ring sticking out - the only cause of failure I can imagine is that coming unseated.

*I replaced every fastener on my entire airframe, after the first hundred or so it got really tiresome not being able to just spin them on and then tighten a lil lol

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