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Unhappy She wants to start... but it's a no go :( help!

So tonight i finished setting up my bike with everything and I was excited to test her out. I mixed my fuel and oil and poured some into the gas tank and screwed the cap back on. I mounted my bike, opened the fuel valve, pushed the little pump button on the carb once just for kicks and giggles, pulled in the clutch lever, and off i went. I started pedaling and everything was going smooth so I decided it was time to test it out! I let go of the clutch lever and boom it started to sing for a second then slowly died on me.... when i sat there confused as **** i looked around and saw my chain had completely come off the rear sprocket.... lol? I'm assuming the engine died in about 2-3 seconds because the chain came off the sprocket and wasn't pulling anymore. I got my chain back on and re adjusted the "chain tension" piece of crap that came with the kit and tried it again only to have the chain come off 1 or 2 seconds after i released the clutch lever..... So... any help? plEASE?!?! I WANT TO RIDE SO BADLY~!!@

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