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Default New China kit sprocket packers mishaped?!

Hello to all! I'm currently working on my first build with a china 68.5CC. Hey why is it called an 80?I havent been able to find that out yet... Anyways back to what I originally had. I got the kit on and it's taken me a long time to get it going. Everything had to be fabricated. I had to make new mounts for the down tube and the seat tube and cut everything but the one thing Im havin the most trouble with is the sprocket! It wobbles no matter what i do. I noticed that the rubber packers it came with were bend when i got them, and even had a little material missing from one side of them. In order to get less wobble, i have one side cranked down and the other side barely tight?? Anybody have this problem? I don't trust it over 10mph b/c it will take the chain over the side of it and tighten the chain up yanking on the motor and chain tensioner. As of right now, my hopefully good cheap form of transportation is very unreliable. I got less than a mile before it jumped and i had to walk home...
Thanks for the help and sorry for the long post.
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