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Default I'm new to all this

When I say I'm new to all this, I mean I really am new to everything here including using a forum. About six months ago I got my first DUI; pretty much the "kiss of death" for a truck driver. My license is now suspended and I can no longer afford to keep my car. I have a nice racing bike, but have not been interested in riding it since my heart attack three years ago. Perhaps a retro-fit with a motor will be a good solution. Hence, why I found this forum. Since money is tight, cost is a consideration. However, I do not want to end up with a piece of junk. Electric looks good but gas is much cheaper. Two stroke, four stroke, 49cc, 80 cc, miles per charge, speed, peddle assist, 1 amp motor, 3 amp motor, brands I've never heard of before, and I am overwhelmed. Really, I could use some friendly advise, if anyone has a little wisdom for me, I'd appreciate it.
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