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Default Hello from Boynton Beach, Florida!

Hi All,
I have a BoyGoFast (Happy Times) 70cc setup on a Kulana Moon Dog. I've got 3 tanks through it, and I really LOVE it now that I've worked all the gremlins out.

I've been plagued with flat tires but finally think I'm past it...solid core No-More-Flats in the front, Slime extra thick in the rear with 3 layers of electrical tape covering the spokes, and Mr. Tuffy lining the tire. I ended up changing the balloon white wall tires to a lower profile and a bit thinner Comfort style tire. I think I'm finally able to relax and not worry about flats.

I found this forum by accident, but glad I did. I've been participating on the other forum, and someone mentioned this one, so here I am.

Anyway, a shout out to all my new friends!
Happy Times!

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