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Default Re: How often do you retorq bolts and which ones

Originally Posted by xlite View Post
Spoken by someone who apparently has little experience with the stuff..

Think about it. If you put a microgram of Red on a 3/8" bolt do you seriously think that bolt will be stuck forever? Even with "permanent" locktite slobbered all over, these can be undone with little effort. Assume we are using tools made of steel here, not plastic or wood.

These bike motors need all the help they can get and it would be great if "permanent" threadlock was really permanent. I have done literally thousands of nuts in the last 10 years and few required heat to remove. Don't hurt to go easy on it though because it is expensive.

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But anerobic ester (plastic) threadlock does not hold steel. Not permanently anyway.
I typically do not enter into arguments but in your case I'm going to make an exception because you're comparing apples to oranges here. We're not talking about a steel 3/8" bolt and nut; we're discussing 6 or 8mm fasteners threaded into an aluminum casting which happens to be of questionable quality. If you would take the time to read the literature provided by the company that manufactures the Loctite product line you will see that even they do not recommend using the red lable product where it is unfeasible to apply heat in the event you need to remove a fastener. They especially address aluminum castings and steel fasteners.
As far as my experience...your comment gave me a giggle. If you only knew...
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