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Default Re: Why do 2 stroke motors run different ratio's of oil in the fuel mix

Originally Posted by xlite View Post
Environmentally conscious individuals will use 50:1 or synthetic 100:1. Others need to leave a trail behind so they won't get lost so use more oil.

FYI more oil in the gas results in a leaner mixture, not richer.
I believe the OP meant richer as in "oil to gasoline".

But, yes think about 32:1 you have twice as much gasoline running through the jet than you do at 16:1.

In honesty, I run 40:1 any more since all my other "goodies" run that mix.

I have recommended 24:1 in the past because I have had a couple of Big Name sellers ask me to refrain from suggesting anything but 16:1 or 20:1 for warranty reasons, so that is sort of a compromise.

So, for the record, run whatever you are comfortable running, and live with the concequences.
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