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Default Re: Shiftkit rear hub compatibility?

BarelyAWake, you said it like you where taking the words right out of my mouth. My mothers from northern Maine. Pablo, your correct to. Brand new wheel and the paws inside skip. On the other hub also. I had two. Cheap hubs no dought. Still looking for a sutable replacment, and thanks for the tip. GhostO, finally got around to looking at the hub. It is cheaply made hub named Modus that came on my cruiser frame non-internal shifting, freewheel cassette hub. What probally happened was the spring that holds the paws in place let go and munched one for breakfast outlined in green marker. No I don't normally go on the cheap for it is what it is, just couldn't get the motor to fit anything else at the time on a budget and the frame it's self is a Schwinn Point Beach, very ridgid and has beefy rear dropouts compared to everything else out there right now. Anyways. Nuvinci hub's are nice, just to expensive for me on a motorized bike. While not knowing what the Federal Gov. is going to do to the two stroke. I would rather run the stock direct drive over the Nuvinci $430.00 price tag. I'm gonna try the Shimano XT. Thanks guys.


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