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Default Re: How often do you retorq bolts and which ones

In Tom's defense, it's not that red doesn't work or even that it works too well - it's simply not necessary.

Properly torqued and lockwashered (or nylock, or doublenut) fasteners won't go anywhere. In fact I worry more about the long term corrosion problems associated with dissimilar metals and "freezing" in place.

Nothin's gonna help a partially stripped fastener that's been abused by constant over-torquing or fasteners neglected because of too much faith in goober products lol - this is where knowing yer bike comes into play

All red debate aside Tom's post is dead on and is the gospel truth;
Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Do not re-tighten fasteners every 50 miles. That is bad, bad, bad information that has caused people a lot of trouble. You don't do it on your car, motorcycle or any other machine, don't do it to your bike. Engine fasteners such as intake and exhaust manifolds, head bolts, mounts, torque them properly once, then after the engine has reached operating temperature a couple of times check them but only to see if they need a slight tightening to be where they need to be as far as torque is concerned. Any machine needs maintenance and its sound advice to check things periodically but when you torque, then re-torque and continue to do that you will surely twist off studs and nuts. Like the man said, use a short (stubby) wrench and use discretion in how tight you make things. If you opt for a thread locking compound stay away from the red lable Loctite. It will hold anything but requires a lot of heat to remove the threaded fastener without doing damage. The blue lable is a far better option. Double nutting is okay and nylon lock nuts (nyloc) are good too.

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