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Default Re: Shiftkit rear hub compatibility?

Originally Posted by RMch View Post
Here's my problem. Got shifter kit installed. Rode bike halfway around house going easy feathering the clutch and wouldn't you know? No GO! I blew out the cheap freewheel hub that you would probally get on a superstore's completely assembled bike. I was thinking of trying a Shimano XT rear hub, but that's more time relaceing and trueing the wheel without knowing if it would hold up to the task. So I was just wondering what are some good hubs that current shiftkit user's are using?
If it blew just putt-putting around the house - then it would have blew under pedal power sooner rather than later. Do tell what what blew, what exact kind of hub it was, etc.

Most people use a variety of Shimano hubs and derailleur systems with great success.
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