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hornetspit, yer not the first to bemoan the price of those instruments and I'll bet ya wont be the last so please don't take offense if I seem a touch exasperated lol - I just can't for the life of me figure out why so many would rather **** about on ebay of all gawdforsaken places trying desperately to save 5 to 10 bucks by bidding on some random, generic POS sold by "some guy" o_O

It's cool - to each their own, but honestly I jus' don't understand it. I'm hardly "Mr. Moneybags" and sure, I shop around but it seems to me that sometimes $10 just isn't worth the bother... It's true however that ifn yer not very, very careful such hobbies will quickly "nickle & dime" you to death - yet unless I were to attempt to sell these bikes and thus be interested in a profit margin I just try and not think about it too much lol

Insofar as the "aircraft" gauges, those are uncertified and only for use in homebuilt aircraft. As such, they're by far the cheapest instruments of their type I've been able to find. If anyone can dig up an accurate EGT/CHT for less than $40 or so please give me a holler (and stylish lol, no oven thermometers please)

I will be the first to admit that such toys are really not needful on our bikes, yet I am simply enamored with flashy lights, dials, and gauges lol - I will try and resist gettin' an airspeed or a turn and bank indicator for my bike though

This "high-tech" and fancy aircraft instrument served me quite well on my ultralight despite being an exorbitant, even decadent ten dolla' I started out flying w/o even a single gauge, but only an ijit would fly without an airspeed indicator.

The Hall airspeed indicator;

lol - while I'm ranting on, my favorite "expensive aircraft instrument" was my slip/skid indicator... a lil piece of string tied to my nose cone

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