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Default Re: Shiftkit rear hub compatibility?

While I fear and wouldn't for a second consider getting a cheaply made AND used bike, I'm on the lookout for a used one of good manufacture. So many of the nice bikes are absolutely ridiculously priced new, I've seen them going for a similar price range as actual dirtbikes...

I just can't warrant that level of investment in a bicycle... at least not all at once lol

Yet give that same bike a year or two sitting in some suburbanite's garage all unloved and forgotten, the owner having failed to realize that no matter the price tag - you still need to pedal and sweat and thus the price drops radically. Heck, most things loose 30% - 50% of their resale value just bringin' em home lol

The only reason I've not bought a nice used bike is I've yet to find one locally that's suitable - which is of course a whole 'nother prob lol $1200 bike for $500? **** yeah! Dangit... shocks are in the wrong place for a motor kit

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