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Default Re: help me please!!:(

That looks like a Grubee or a JL knock off gear box. I do not know why you all keep buying these. They are notorious for being unreliable. For every 1 person that has a good one, there are 100 that have bad ones. The only help you should get is from the seller. Tell the seller you want a refund and send it back. The only good setups out there are Titan using Rack mount, IFFM, or using Friction drive. Note that all these use no Grubee or Grubee knock off parts. Also. I have heard that EZ has a good Center In frame Belt Drive Gear box. Not sure what SHS motor he is using since the S HS factory has several different style motors. But.. The S HS motor you have is a fantastic motor, but there are very few gear boxes that will fit it. Most of the gear boxes that fit your motor are the Poorly Engineered ones. Sorry.. But thems the facts !! And.. Sorry you did not enjoy the ride..
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