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Default Re: New bike engine kit help!!

Originally Posted by NerpAngel View Post
no. It's just stuck... I can't even screw on the metal end to the carb. The spring just jams.
When I don't have anything on the end of the cable, (just the little nub) when i twist the throttle handle back (like i'm accelerating) the nub hits the end of the black tube. It reaches the tube when i twist it about 150 degrees if you think about it like a circle.

I swear the pictures could tell you guys if my cable is normal or not haha

By the way, the throttle moves freely with nothing on it.. It's just when i try and get everything hooked on to the end of it and I try and put it into the carb, it gets stuck...
Have you backed off of the threaded cable adjusters?

There is one at the throttle handle, and another at the carb.

EDIT: I should have said thread them all the way in...backed-off makes it sound like want to thread them in.


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