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Ok Barely Awake and Blankenstein, Those little tacs and ultralight instruments are sort of expensive. There is one on ebay for 23 dollars and change. That includes shipping and is suppose to work on 2 or 4 cycle engines by simply wraping the pickup wire around the plug wire. That price is a "Buy IT Now" price. There are many others that are the same but are up for bid. I have bid of two of these and always get beat out by someone that is willing to pay more than 23 bucks. I stop bidding at about 19.00 dollars because shipping is like 3.65 or so. I believe I will go ahead get one of the "Buy Now". My engine is a Dax 2 stroke and may not last or it may but I still just like instruments. Used to own a ultralight one time. Actually was building it but got tired of it after about 5 years and sold it to a commercial pilot up in Fayetteville. Haven't heard how it worked out for him. Thanks for the replys. Tom
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