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Originally Posted by rfriesen View Post
You know what. I did have the kill switch hooked up for my first run when it did not work... and I wasn't 100% sure I had the kill wires hooked up correctly. Could that be what killed my magneto? I don't have the kill switch hooked up now either. I just flip the choke up and it shuts down right away and starts up great after that too.
To be honest I doubt that caused your problem. More likely mfg defect. I'd contact seller for a new one. I do know magnetos stopped failing when I stopped using the white wire but it could be coincidence.

I always use choke to stop for couple reasons:

1. It tells you mixture is ok or no leaks when engine stops right away.

2. Leaves oil on cylinder/piston for easy starting next time. That's how we do it w/airplanes.

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