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Originally Posted by rfriesen View Post
xlite again! I agree. Not giving up too soon is great but why should replacing something that's probably not working be refered to as giving up? Replace the magneto is something I've read again and again on this site. I replaced it and my bike worked instantly.

I'm not sure how you check the plug for spark though.

Anyone know of a way to Fix a magneto??
My comment was based on about half the guys I sold kits to coming back and saying "it's no good". A quick run down the hill in front of my place usually got things buzzing. They just didn't pedal with enough gusto that first time. Gotta get that clutch loosened up and juices flowwing.

And the few occasions when there really was something wrong it was not magneto. That always happened after quite a few miles and only cases where something was hooked up to the white wire (kill switch, lights, etc).

I check plug (and CDI, and magneto, and wiring, etc.) by hooking it to my handlebars and peddle like heck. Or, if I'm really lazy, hold my finger on electrode and turn wheel a little bit.

IMO blindly replacing w/o proper diagnosis is for LAH-HOOO-ZERZ. And forget about fixing the tiny wires in that coil. Open the bad one up... you'll see what I mean.
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