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Default Re: Why do 2 stroke motors run different ratio's of oil in the fuel mix

Well, if yer talking about different brands and type of motors than just our chinagirls - much of the variance in manufacturer's recommendations has to do with that specific engine's machining tolerances, operating RPM range, and application.

If yer askin' bout just our lil bike motors - depends on what the owner is willing to experiment with. The manufacturer's "16:1 & 20:1" recommendations for our bike may in fact include the possibility of using standard (read low-grade) motor oil instead of 2 cycle, but these are sloppy lil motors that may or may not need a lil extra lube... but therein lurks a debate lol

I'm quite happy running 36:1 with Amsoil's synthetic "50:1" but some are of course running the 100:1 stuff at various ratios... it's up to you

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