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Default Re: craigslist listing.

Originally Posted by Ulysys View Post
32mph with a 1.6hp motor I can believe. My bike will hit that on flat ground, but the motor screams so much it scares me.

250mpg and $1000 = that guy is smoking some serious crack or is just stupid .
That's pretty much my opinion on speed too.

However I got 210mph on a recent 300 mile trip so that may be possible depending on weight, tire pressure, and jettiing. My tires were 10lb over max and jet was set for grey plugs (not recommended) but not white and I carried a spare piston and cyclinder.

As far as $1000 that may be a bargain considering what some of the builders in my area charge. And look at what mopeds cost. IMO he's not that far off.
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