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Default Re: My Sunday morning rides

I've just gotta move south because my old bones just hurt too too much for me to handle the winter around here anymore. It's already getting too cold to ride much . You have to wait till it warms up a bit like 10:30 or 11:00 am and then it's gettin' to cold by 4:00 pm. So it's cuttin the day in half and will soon be too cold for much riding at all till spring in April or May. I wanna ride when I wanna ride not putt around so bundled up I can't enjoy myself . The only good thing about it ,if you can call it a good thing , is that in the advent of a crash what with all that padding on from all the winter bundle up clothes only the bike gets hurt......No I've about had it ...Florida sounds nice but I worry about with global warming the tide may rise to the point that you need a boat not a bike............ Tom from D.C. now living (if you could call it that )in West Virginia P.S. When people ask how ya doin' I answer Still alive just not livin'
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