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Question Please help with kit!

I know that I shouldn't be posting a new thread without commenting some more, but I really need help with my first kit.. Me and my dad have been putting together the Grubee Skyhawk GT2B kit from King's, and so far we've run into too many problems to count. Most of them have been fixed, and there's only three things left to do: Fix the clutch issue, fix the chain issue, and install the gas tank.

The clutch issue is that we can't see what the clutch arm that the cable attaches to does. We have no idea what the resistance should be and how pulling the clutch arm a tiny distance will do anything since the chain is going to move no matter what if the rear wheel is turning. Can anyone help me understand how the clutch arm works and how to install the cable to it properly?

The other issue is that the chain needs to be tightened one more hole, but we tried it and there isn't a recieving hole for the master link, there's just a pin, and I know why but my question is whether or not I should use the chain tensioner provided in the kit? It seems that it would be loud if the chain was constantly running across the plastic pully. Should I just wrap electrical tape around it and try to dull the sound or is there a better solution?

Thanks in advance for the help, I plan on being an active member of the site now that I have some experience with making a motorized bike.
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